With just two extraction heads, this new machine will offer you the same professionalism, Grand Cru after Grand Cru, even with high volume demands. Its pre-set recipes will respect the barista tradition, enhanced by state of the art technology with unmatched in-cup quality.


  • Two brewing heads (one for milk preparations)

  • 7+11 preset exciting & modern milk och hot water based coffee recipies

  • Integrated refrigerator that holds 5 liter of fresh milk

  • Ultra efficient energy saving mode for up to 95%

  • Avaliable with 3-phase or 230V power outlet

  • Direct water connection

  • Automatic descaling alarm

  • Maximum power rating: 3500 (in watts)

  • Pressure: 13-16 bars

  • Dimensions: 70 x 65 x 64 cm (W / D / H)

  • Used capsules container capacity: 1 x 125

  • Weight: 85