• 1 Nespresso Professional Espresso Caramel capsule extracted as a 40mL Espresso

  • 4 ice cubes or 30g ice cubes

  • 90mL cold frothed milk (using the cold milk froth device on your machine or Aeroccino4 milk frother)

  • 15mL caramel sauce


If you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely want to try our take on an iced caramel latte! Easy and delicious, the sweetened caramel and warming brown sugar aromas of Espresso Caramel are brought out in this indulgent and refreshing summer recipe.

1. Drizzle caramel sauce down the side of your glass.

2. Add cold frothed milk.

3. Pour the espresso over the top of the milk.

4. Add ice cubes and stir well.

5. Optional: add more caramel sauce as garnish to preference.

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: This product contains MILK.